Sunday, July 10, 2011

Launch Weekend Recap

We kicked off the walks this weekend with a great group of walkers, dogs and people alike! We were able to send out three groups on Saturday night and two groups on Sunday night with walkers handing out fliers promoting the group and information on how to get involved. Walkers were able to post to Twitter and the Facebook page about their movements, keeping everyone involved!

We look forward to more walks next weekend and have created a schedule on a Google Docs spreadsheet where people who want to participate can sign up for a group by emailing with the shift they want to take. Remember, no dogs are needed to join in on the walks!

Be sure to stay updated on our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at

To view the schedule, visit

Another way to get involved is to print and hand out fliers when you're out and about. The flier can be found at

Looking forward to seeing you next week! E-mail with any questions or for more information on how to get involved.

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